Confess Friday: My weird obsession with Halloween Horror Nights #hhn

Halloween Horror Nights 22 opening night at Universal OrlandoYou know I’m a fan of Universal Orlando.  However, I have an interest in Halloween Horror Nights.     On one hand, it’s easy to see why I’d like it: I was raised on the classic slasher flicks (literally), and it’s recommended to be 13+.   I’m a huge jitterbug.  I startle comically easy:  in Vegas a few years ago, my BFF and I were at  Madame Tussad’s, and a scary dude from their Area 51 attraction was standing next to me.  I screamed and ran into the next room.

However, the devotion of the Halloween Horror Nights’ fan base is something I can absolutely appreciate.  The info is starting to come out, which means that soon there will be more Youtube videos for me to watch.  :)

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