WDW Not Just for Kids Review: Midlife Mouse

I’m not 100% sure where I first heard about Midlife Mousebut I just finished reading it.  It’s written by Wayne Franklin.  I liked it.  It reminded me of Kingdom Keepers, but in a more adult way.

The plot is interesting:  you meet Bill Durmer, who’s your normal small-town, middle-aged, Southern Dad with a wife and three kids.  Bill works in his family’s store and has a sister.  They go on a Christmas/birthday trip and then things get intense……

The plot can get unbelievable at times, but’s really well-done.  It’s well-written, but the narration relies heavily upon in medias res narration to a degree which I found hard to follow.  Towards the end, some of the details were kind of giggle-inducing given some things which have happened with Disney media recently.

The Disney info was flawless in the real world and believable in the fantasy world.

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