February 2014


  My grandmother would have been [redacted] on the 11th (my nephew Mordie is turning 18 the same day), and she’ll have been gone ten years on the 12th.

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WDW Not Just for Kids Review: The Mauro’s Magical Disney Vacation

Find out what Hedy thought of the The Mauro’s Magical Disney Vacation special on Food Network.

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San Francisco Ideas?


So our cruise stops in San Francisco for one day.  We were there several years ago.  I feel like we’ve done Alcatraz.  I bought Disney Family Museum tickets when they were on Groupon in December.  Other than that, I’m thinking possible Fisherman’s …

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You will believe that the Disney Store has disappointed me again…


Today I get an e-mail from the Disney Store that graphic tees were $8!  W00hoo, I thought , maybe I’ll get something for the cruise in May.  Then I opened the e-mail.  It’s for kids’ and babies’ graphic tees.  Because clearly, …

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Solomon Pond Mall and Emerald Square Mall Disney Stores are closing…


I got an e-mail from Disney Store last night that the store at Emerald Square Mall in Attleboro, MA and the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA are closing by January 21 of 2014. They refer people to the Wrentham …

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So long, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review


Way back in the beginning of this blog (pre-WWoHP, for crying out loud!) I mentioned Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review as one of my favorite attractions at Universal.  It is mainly because it’s not Disney in everyway:  non-Bowlderized rock, double-ententes, hot performers, blatantly PG-13.  I …

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My thoughts: 10 things to not to pack for DCL


Today, the Touring Plans blog posted 10 things NOT to bring on your Disney Cruise. As I am cruising in May and bringing first-time cruiser TheMom, I read it with interest.

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Happy New Year!


My birthday is in January, so I thought this cover shot was apres pos.

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Los Angeles Ideas?


We will be spending two days in Los Angeles before our cruise in May. I have some ideas, but would really love more.

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WDW Not Just for Kids Review: PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line 2013


With the upcoming DCL cruise,   I picked up the newest version of the PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line and Its Ports of Call.  As you may recall, I reviewed this book in 2010 and liked it.  it might be because we’re going …

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