Art of Animation Squeeing…

As most of you know, I was pretty excited when Pop Century Legendary Years Art of Animation was announced two years ago.  I really disliked the eyesore that was the once Legendary years.  In reviewing it now, I’m not quite sure what dot com boom goodies Disney people were smoking when they thought a resort spanning 1900-1940 would work.  Ok, the Monopoly concept art could have been brilliant crossmarketing pretty cool, but otherwise? We have a stock market crash, a Great Depression, and two World Wars.  I’m thankful for my nation’s history, but still am trying to wrap my head around it:  Hooverville-themed rooms?  A nice military aircraft?  No booze in the food court?  One of the things I found really cool as I slogged through Hurricane Fay to my 1990’s room was how I was walking through my parents’ and siblings’ youths to mine.  (Yes, Virginia, that is what my first cellphone looked like).

Disney's Art of Animation ResortI am an utter animation fan, so I was really excited about the Art of Animation.  It looks pretty awesome.  If I am “alone*” for my marathon weekend trip, I hope to stay in the Little Mermaid wing, although I might also do Pop.  I’ve softened my stance on the suites:  seeing how adults I know use 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom DVC rooms make me think they are more adult friendly than I thought.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - Cars section However, can we take a moment to discuss how freaking awesome the Landscape of Flavors menu is (just the menu here)  Acorn squash?  Nom!  Caprese sandwich?  <3 Caprese, as you know. House-made Vegetable Burger? I’m veggie-burger picky, but worse comes to worst, I could jettison the burger & have the cheese & fried green tomato.

*By which I mean sans The Mom.

Art of Animation photos courtesy of Zannaland on Flickr.

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3 Responses to Art of Animation Squeeing…

  1. Marisa says:

    My mom and I are staying at Art of Animation for the marathon weekend. If you stay there, we have to meet up!!!! I wont be doing the half (just the full), but mental cheerleading will help!

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