Cinderella’s Royal Table and and Cake Ordering Review!

Slipper dessert at CRT

Slipper dessert at CRT

So, given how long I’ve been blathering about Be Our Guest, you may wonder why we didn’t eat there. Mushrooms. The vegetarian option contained mushrooms, which are the one vegetable I cannot stand. As such, I went looking for an alternative, and I learned that bunch of Disney restaurants are all over mushrooms.  I kept on searching, and I then won Disney ADRs forever:  I got dinner (4:30pm, but still) for two ten days out at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Awesome!

When we were eating at Be Our Guest, I had been debating about whether to order a cake or not.  Once we were booked at CRT, I checked out Disney Food Blog and the book. As it was just TheMom and I, I thought a cake would be excessive. I called the cake number, and got an email address. Ordering my slipper was easy as anything-and it was really good!

I’d heard mixed things about CRT’s food, but I was pleasantly surprised:  I had a cheeese plate which was very good, and TheMom had a salad.  My risotto was good (although one veggie on top was mushrooms, but I picked them off), mom liked her snapper and my dessert plate was good, and Mom liked hers.

Would I make it an every trip stop?  No.  But good food, good service, and princesses means that it may be a nice special occaison stop.

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