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Whispering Canyon Cafe As you know, I am going to WDW with a good portion of my family (two brothers, two sister-in-laws, and two nephews.) I’ll give you formal introductions later, but one night I an taking my nephews, who are 15 and 12, to Whispering Canyon Cafe.  I chose Whispering Canyon Cafe because I fell in love with Wilderness Lodge in December, my nephews have never been there, and as they liked the shtick at 50’s three years ago, I thought they might like WCC.   Also, in January I read Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell, and Mr. Cockerell describes how the idea for WCC came from Cast Members at the Wilderness Lodge.*  I thought that was really cool.

Anyway, the cast of characters for this night will be**:
Heather/Hedy: Self-explanatory, right?
Mordie: 15, rising high school sophomore.  Trip was arranged to cover his busy summer schedule:  he plays soccer, is in marching band, and in training (?) to be an Eagle Scout.  Enjoys watching TV, being charmingly precise, cultivating his Disney hat collection and taking pictures.
Ferdie: Will be turning 12 on this trip. Rising seventh grader. Enjoys Boy Scouts, reading, taking pictures, and video games. Ferdie is the spitting image of his father (my brother Jack) and grandfather (Jack’s/Mickey’s/My father)
A few excerpts from our last night out in WDW:
*Auntie Heather sold Ferdie up the river for wearing his hat at 50’s.
*”Mortimer! Stop hitting your brother with your glow bracelet! Ferdinand! Did you not hear what I just told your brother?”
*((Boat captain notices Mordie and Ferdie speaking to each other in Morferdish (as I described it when telling the story to my family, “that language that is like twinspeak, except they are not twins))) “You two are brother’s aren’t you?” Mordie: “Yes, and she’s my aunt!” (There is a hysterical backstory to this statement which I may ask the parties involved for permission to blog.)
*(We are all in Pixar Place in DHS) Ferdie: I left my fanny pack in your hotel room. Auntie Heather: Do you have your park pass?

Other than that, Mordie and Ferdie are somewhere between brothers and an old married couple.  As such, their brotherly conflicts look more like marital spats than sibling bickering.

Anyway, Whispering Canyon Cafe had the two key menu items for the boys:  Macncheese for Ferdie, and a steak for Mordie.  Yes, I am a vegetarian who chose a restaurant based on steak.  (Let me put it to you this way-I learned last week that a rib-eye contains no ribs. Meat is so not my area of expertice).  I presume that their pasta can be made vegetarian for me, although I am kind of hoping I can charm my way into getting lunch’s Quinoa Cakes. Oh, and I need french fries for ketchup.

I really enjoyed hearing the Be Our Guest podcast episode on this restaurant.  I fully plan on ordering more Coke (I may or may not have included the big sodas as a selling point to the boys) and I might get a shake for dessert.

Any whispering Canyon Cafe tips for three non-Kids?

Photo via Mike Miley on Twitter

*Creating Magic was on of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read.  Seriously.  Go download or buy it.
**Like so many bloggers, I use pseudonyms for my family as it’s bad enough they have to put up with me in meatspace to protect their privacy. While Mordie and Ferdie’s real names don’t rhyme, they are similar enough that they get called the wrong name…often.

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  2. I love Whispering Canyon Cafe! I try to avoid ketchup and drink refills! :)
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