2013 Flower and Garden festival

Epcot's Flower and Garden FestivalThe 2013 Flower and Garden festival will be at Epcot from March 6-May 19, 2013. It will feature such things as an Oz play area, character topiaries, and HGTV hosts, much like last year. However, this year there will be food booths, much like Food and Wine. Some of the foods I’m looking forward to are the tequila flight, the potato pancakes, grilled vegetables, tomatoes, beet lollipop, the tomato wine, and the Dole Whip with spiced rum. Dole whip with Spiced rum=I cannot wait (they also have plain ones, which is good as TheMom will be with me and has never had a Dole Whip but does not like rum).

I’m actually going down for a ridiculously brief trip over school break for a family obligation. I’m really excited to see it! It’ll be my first one!

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