When things go wrong…

Mirthful Monday!I love Disney vacations, but sometimes stuff happens.  And if there was one thing I learned (scratch that, was reminded of) is that other people can stink at dealing with things.

Light scenario:  Upon getting our luggage from my trunk,* TheMom realized that her yellow DME tag was not on her suitcase.  We checked our luggage.  I called the Art of Animation (thanks, iPhone app) to ensure that she could give her tags to the DME desk and have her suitcase delivered**.  However, she ended up getting her own bag and we went onto DME.

Heavier:  This was my first marathon weekend.  We left on Sunday.  Know what happens Sunday?  The marathon.  As such, our DME bus was an hour late arriving.  Know what was really ironic?  I was on the same bus as all of the special snowflakes who were the only ones affected by this problem.  Hint:  No one cares, everyone is in the same boat.  If you’re really worried about missing your flight, get in a cab.  hashtag cranky rant.  BTW-we were on time for our flights.


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*Right after I dropped said suitcase on my toe.

**I spoke with a CM at Art of Animation.

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