New DTD experiences for adults

AMCSo, you know I love Downtown Disney’s (DTD) East Side; however, I’ve felt that the West Side has been missing since Pleasure Island closed in 2008 (it has been closed for over four years, believe it or not).

A new luxury bowling alley, Splitsville, opened at Downtown Disney West Side earlier this month.  When I first heard about it years ago, I was skeptical.  If I wanted to bowl, couldn’t I do that at home?  Plus, as a Bay State girl, I’m used to candlepin bowling.  However, after seeing some bloggers’ reviews and photos, I have to admit I’m curious.  The menu looks cool, and I’m hoping the rumors of 21+ nights are true :).

Another experience coming from Downtown Disney West Side is AMC’s Fork and Screen.  It’s been open for a couple years.  Disappointingly, it’s only 18+ or under 18 with a parent or guardian (my local place like that is 21+). As I have one locally, I feel no need to go to one on vacation.


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  1. Diana says:

    Yes, I had the same thought, I can bowl at home….but after reading about it, I’m very intrigued! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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