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Thanks to my upcoming trip, I re-joined Touring Plans.  As such, I’ve been checking out the iPhone version of Lines (see my review of the Android Version in 2010).

As always, the user-friendliness of the Lines app appeals to me-as soon as you open the app, it gives you the operating times, Extra Magic Hours (EMH), and the crowd levels for that day.  Per park info is easily gotten (and it even includes helpful hints like using the in-park wifi owing to the increase in people using 3G in the parks).  Getting any Touring Plan is easy as anything, and it’s easy to favorite the applicable plans (even for my thrsee day trip, I can find a  plan for every day, from DHS when we arrive late the first day to one for our Epcot day).

I’ve never used Chat, as I’m usually tweeting compulsively and excessively.

Any thoughts on Lines/Touring Plans?  I feel like I cannot fairly compare it and the Android version, as I haven’t used that version in over 18 months).

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