I cannot wait until Girl Meets World debuts…

Girl Meets World:  Yay or Nay?

Girl Meets World: Yay or Nay?

We did not get cable until I was in fifth grade, so when the new Mickey Mouse Club was taping at MGM* on our first trip in 1993, I was not that interested.  However, in middle school I was all about TGIF.  My favorites were Sabrina, The Teenage Witch:, Clueless, and Boy Meets World.  Maybe because it was funny, relateable, and rarely talked down to its audience, it seems to held a special place in many people’s heart.  Without a doubt, this fact was best illustrated at senior week my senior year of college, when a showing of The Graduate was interrupted by people going “OMG, it’s Feeney!’ when William Daniels came out.

As such, although I originally rolled my eyes when Boy Meet World’s sequel, Girl Meets World, was announced.  However, I am warming up to the idea.  A pudding restaurateur seems much more early Topanga Lawrence Matthews than a law career.  And Cory as a middle school history teacher?  Perfect.  Production has begun.  The only thing which could make it better would be Ryder Strong…because what could be more Disney Channel than a bad boy gone good?

Are you looking forward to Girl Meets World? As you know, here is where I usually put in my plug for my  TwitterGoogle Plus,  Facebook, or  newsletter!   However, I use Google Reader to keep up with a bunch of my blogs (this site’s RSS is here), which is closed as of July 1.  I migrated my reader over to Feedly (as it syncs with its own app), but I also know people who swear by Old Reader or bloglovin.
*I was a 1990’s kid, so this was serious once Britney, NSync, etc came out. :)

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3 Responses to I cannot wait until Girl Meets World debuts…

  1. Ahh, We are from the same era! I loved Boy meets world and I was intrigued when I first heard about Girl Meets World. I think it’s important that when a second generation show comes out like this that they keep some of the original characters. I felt the same way about 90210. I never did end up watching the new episodes because I heard it was nothing like the original series.

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