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Truth be told, if you looked at me on paper, I am quite possibly the last person you’d expect to be a Disney freak. A good friend of mine once asked how the Hedy family got into Disney when we are so snarky. To give you the reader’s digest version, I was pretty much born a Disney freak. I had one of my three older brothers go to both Disney World and Disneyland with his SO-they brought me back my Mickey Ears hat. I longed and longed to go to Disney World. When I was told at age eight we were going, I got every guidebook from the library I could get my hands on. Know how some people report they knew their kid was a baseball star from the time the kid picked up a bat age at three? My mother will tell you about how I was discussing the best way to tour the Magic Kingdom at age nine. We then returned for a trip after Christmas when I was 12 (I saw the castle cake) and for my graduation present in 2002.

Aside from family influences, I have a degree in Women’s Studies, which a lot of people would see as being an oxymoron to a Disney Freak. And it is, but every girl’s got to have something.

Anyway, I’m 26 years old and I have one cat. I am a proud PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids) with one niece and two nephews whom I adore (who shall hitherto be referred to as Sharpay, 15; Mordie, 14; and Ferdie, 10). I’m an Aquarius and a vegetarian.

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