Edit: Applications are up! 2013 Disney World Moms’ Panel Applications coming…

Will blue people be coming to the Animal Kingdom?

Edit: Application is up as of September 10, 2013

Word on the street is that the Disney World Mom’s panel will be opening for applications soon (it opened mid-September last year and the year before).  In the past, even the applications have been limited, and this activity has been enormously popular.  I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated, but if you really want to enter, I’d check the site constantly.

The only year I applied for the Mom’s panel was 2009.  My argument of why myself, as a PANK, could bring a different perspective to the table.  I was not accepted.  However, that essay became this blog, which I’ve had for nearly three years (wow!)

So is what I’m about to say can easily be dismissed as sour grapes.  However, I’m not applying this year.  A huge part of it is logistics-I have finals during the December trip.  But the panel doesn’t appeal to me, anymore.  Honestly, the fact that their panel members are much more diverse than only mothers, but they still use the moniker “Moms’ panel” annoys me.  Firstly, it creates the expectation that Disney “experts” are people who have families with children.  It once again reminds me that Disney favors families over adults.  Disney social media attempts are also starting to bug me.  I try to be me on this blog, by which I mean that while my predilection for sarcasm runs rampant, I try not to be one of those uber-negative Disney bloggers.  I really do.  I think that at this moment, Disney’s public relation department is doing what a vacuum does.  The tweet-verse, as well as the blogs, are abuzz with the rumor that a Festivus miracle has occurred Avatarland has been put on hold.  Disney has been silent on this issue, opting instead to hold a press conference about benches.

So I’m staying put here, and not applying.  How about you?  I may not be applying, but I’d love to cheer for you!  Let me know in a comment.  Follow me on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook.  Sign up for my newsletter!

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3 Responses to Edit: Applications are up! 2013 Disney World Moms’ Panel Applications coming…

  1. I will be applying for the 3rd time. It would be an honor and so much fun at the same time..
    Mouse Fan Diane´s last blog post ..Your 411 on the Food & Wine @ Epcot

  2. V No Privacy says:

    I am a PANK too and I fully agree with you. I sometimes feel a bit alienated from the more official aspects of the Disney community because I’m a single childless adult.
    V No Privacy´s last blog post ..Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  3. Angela says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m going to apply, though I never get selected for anything. The Mom’s Panel would be awesome!
    Angela´s last blog post ..Main Street, USA – Magic Kingdom

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