2011 Disney World Moms’ Panel Application coming up!

Update 9/13: Applications are open!

If you are looking to apply to the Walt Disney World Moms’ Panel, applications for the 2011 panel will be accepted starting on September 13, 2010, and continuing through September 17, 2010.  If you are interested in applying and are an adult Disney fan, but are not a mom, please note that nowhere in the qualifications does it even list being a parent as a requirement.

As such, I highly encourage any PANK, or other non-parents who are Walt Disney World enthusiasts who meet the qualifications to apply.   Me?  Well, as you all know, I applied last year, but was not selected (and I have to admit I still find it hysterical that I’m a member of Mickey Moms’ Club).  However, writing out my application led me to realize that I am passionate about the experience of being an adult Disney fan, which led to this blog.  I am not planning on applying for the 2011 panel because I would rather dedicate the time to this blog.  However, come next year, I may be singing a different tune.

So here is where all of you come in.  Are you a PANK, DINK, childfree, or other non-parent?  Are you applying to the 2011 Moms’ panel?  First of all, go read the fabulous piece by Zannaland on applying (note that she specifically mentions that you do not have to be a parent).  Secondly, once you apply or beforehand, let me know. I’d love to cheerlead for you on my blog on Twitter.  I know that Rikki mentioned she might be applying, but I know there are other folks out there.  So leave a comment on this blog, or drop me a tweet @wdwnotjustkids if you apply.

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