What should adults wear at WDW: Dressing at the Parks, DCL, etc.

A young White woman in a pirate costume is holding a stick with her camera on it So, there’s been a post stewing in the back of my mind for a while. It’s hard, because it’s kinda judgey, which on one hand, my blog, my rules, on the other, I like my readers and want to keep them. The topic is dressing at the parks. As you know by my photos I post on this blog and what I write about, I am both fat and curvy.  As such, finding clothes that fit/behave but look good can be an issue.  Happily, while I try to dress appropriately, I do not give much thought to what others think of me.  However, given that people have felt the need to comment negatively on my clothing choices on a couple of occasions, I am writing this post.

At the parks, I dress both for cute/themeing, and for comfort.  At Universal a few years ago, I was on Popeye, and wearing a running tank and skirt.  Now, if you’ve never been to IOA, this ride gets you WET–it’s not unusual to see people in bathing suits.  However, apparently I was not dressed enough for some jerk’s opinion.  On my cruise in 2010, I dressed up for pirate night.  My dress came to my fingertips, did not show excessive cleavage, and I was wearing leggings underneath (because it was cold as all get out); however, this did not stop one old guy from commenting on me “I guess someone needs to be the saucy wench.”

Point being, do what makes you happy.  I, personally, wish people wouldn’t wear political and religious shirts in the parks.  I wish people wouldn’t make blog posts about how what their kid is wearing is the right thing, and what not-their-kid is wearing is wrong.  But what should adults wear at WDW?  Whatever they want that covers more than a bathing suit.

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[[image description: A young White woman in a pirate costume is holding a stick with her camera on it.  She is wearing a small hat and text reads “How do you dress at Disney?”]]

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5 Responses to What should adults wear at WDW: Dressing at the Parks, DCL, etc.

  1. Love your picture and your style! Your independent streak is very refreshing!
    Deb @Focused on the Magic´s last blog post ..#GIVEAWAY! We’re Celebrating with Gluten Free and Dairy Free at WDW

  2. I was right with you on the style. I am not going to throw that first stone because I dress down right boring. And it is because I am curvey and not confident enought to wear anything else. (but that is a personal issue)

    Now about coverage that is something I would love there to be basic rules on. From what you told us you wore there were no issues of things showing that should not have. But I would have definitely addressed the sauce comment. Maybe to the point of embarrasing the man that said it but that is me.

    Unfortuneately I have seen men and women show a bit too much in the parks. And I would like to point out that no matter what a bra is not a valid top option!
    Mary @ Capturing Magical Memories´s last blog post ..The Disney Bus Takes Center Stage

  3. Joanna says:

    I agree – wear what you want! I’m so tired of people being so judgmental! Well said! :)
    Joanna´s last blog post ..Thanksgiving in Orlando: A Trip Report – Day 5 – The Battle of the Castles

  4. Beth Green says:

    yup. be happy and comfortable!
    Beth Green´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Disney Transportation

  5. I have some pictures sitting on my computer to write a “What Not to Wear” at Disney post. I was inspired during my last trip when I saw women wearing what could only be describe as lingerie/bras without a shirt over it.
    Kuleen @ TheDisneyKids.com´s last blog post ..Disney World Transportation- Wordless Wednesday

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