How to: Have cute door magnets on your stateroom door

One more “unique” part of the Disney fan community subculture is the phenomena of decorating your stateroom door.  I knew I wanted to get in on the action, but I’m not terribly artistic.  Here’s how I made mine, your mileage may vary.

Step 1:  Get Designs.  Both the Creative DISigns and Disney Cruise section of the DIS have wonderful people who have great designs that can be personalized. I sincerely hope my readers are not stupid enough to try to profit from other people’s designs.

Step 2:  Personalize.  I used Picasa for this-I added basic text such as either my username or real name.  For extra Disney flair, use Waltograph.

Step 3:  Print your pictures.  I originally bought the magnetic paper from Staples, but decided I did not want to waste that much printer ink.  I opted to print my pictures out using Snapfish, and pick them up at my local Walgreens.

SuppliesStep 4:  Assemble your materials.  In addition to your pictures, you will need a few things:  Something to laminate your photos with, this step is optional, but I like the extra sturdiness insurance.  You can buy self-laminating sheets at Staples.  However, I opted to pick up clear contact paper at that exclusive crafting boutique, Dollar Tree.  One is a dollar, one is a lot more.  For glue, I went with “craft glue” from aforementioned crafting boutique.  Magnet wise, I used a couple of old advertising magnets and cut up my magnet sheets.  I had bought little “locker” magnets at Dollar Tree as well.  (Why is it called Dollar Tree if I never spend just a dollar there?)

Step 5:  Assembly.  Cut out a piece of clear contact paper twice the height of your picture.  Remove backing.  Place picture face down.  Fold over contact paper.

Step 6:  Place now-laminated picture face down.  Cover back with craft glue.  Place on magnet.

Step 7:  Let dry.  Voila, you have door magnets!

Yes, I know I am an utter hypocrite for decorating my door.  C’est la vie.

Custom Caricature Save the Date Magnets

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7 Responses to How to: Have cute door magnets on your stateroom door

  1. Jeane says:

    LOVE it! And since I love to do crafts…my whole door would be covered! hehehe

  2. Joanne says:

    Hi I just checked out how you made your magnets and was very close to what I planned to do. thank you for sharing this with the rest of us planning our first cruise

  3. Hedy says:

    So glad you found this helpful!

  4. maria says:

    How do you personalize images for disney door magnets?
    maria´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: March 14, 2012

  5. Hedy says:

    @Maria: I used picasa (free software from google), from there, I could add my name, date, etc to the pictures.

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