New Disney Villians Beauty Line Coming in September 2012

Ursula Doll from the Disney store collection, from the MAC Venomous Villains line from 2010 wasn’t enough Disney villain-based cosmetics for the powers that be at Disney, as the Disney Store will be featuring a doll and make up collection in September 2012 based around Disney villians.  The featured villains this time around will be Ursula, Maleficient, Cruella DeVille, Queen of Hearts, and Mother Gothel.

Now, the makeup for this collection looks awesome.  The nailpolish set includes a bunch of colors I love.  The eyeshadow palette would be awesome for a trip, as you could do smokey, bold, or nude eyesThe lip glosses aren’t really exciting.

BH Cosmetics SaleHowever, I have to give the dolls a big what the heck.  The internet is abuzz regarding the collection’s Ursula:  not only has she lost a bunch of weight (weight she had as recently as last year, apparently), but she has somehow gained a skirt and legs.  Kind of confusing if you as me, unless she is a Ursula/Vanessa hybrid or something.  Also, in general the ladies seems to have had some work done…if  those curves are actually what Mother Gothel got as a result of Rapunzel’s powers, no wonder she kept her locked up.

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(Thanks, BellaSugar!)

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