So, about a year ago I posted about looking forward to Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel.  I saw it this morning, and my thoughts are mixed.  On one hand, I liked it because it feels like TGIF-era sitcoms: …

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I’ve watched a couple episodes and I’m thrilled that Disney has... more
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As I remember it, Corey’s parents mellowed over the years. maybe... more

So, my post-Master’s degree project has been to improve my personal life, as such, I am seeking to meet new people both platonically  and non-platonically.  Thusly, I have set up a profile on an online dating site, this being the …

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Yes. Disney is part of who you are. mention it! :) more
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I believe you handled it perfectly! Just a wink and a nod to those “in... more

This trip report consists of myself:  Heather AKA Hedy, recently minted MSW grad, and TheMom.  On the morning of Saturday the 17th, my mother drove us to Thrifty Aiport Parking.  I’d never used them, but I liked them.  We flew …

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I can’t wait to read about your cruise. We are considering taking our... more

So here’s the thing. I started this blog when I was 26. I’m 30 now. 26 year old Hedy thought that maybe this blog could get her somewhere in the Disney community, and chose to be “safe” because of that. 30 year old Hedy would rather be nine people’s favorite thing than 100 people’s ninth favorite thing.

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Um, hi…

Greetings!  Guess who finished classes and internship!  I am off to California in two weeks: starting with LA (see post here), then onto the cruise (we’re doing a mixology course and Palo 2x!), San Francisco, and Vancouver.  I bought some …


It’s Social Work Month!

It is currently Social Work Month, so I thought I would rant about something that has been bugging me: the lack of Disney pins for this occasion.


The cold never bothered her anyway

I was in NYC over the weekend, and I saw this awesome Elsa portrait by Amy Mebberson at FAO Schwartz PS-Someone turned four while I was away :)


Beetlejuice is back.

And no. Just. No. As I feared, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard review has been cleaned up, blanded (songs areeven more dated!), and toothless (they don’t even change costumes anymore). I’m unsurprised but annoyed-Universal did this well because it wasn’t squeaky-clean, and now …


I wish I were excited for Muppet’s Most Wanted

So, this post has been started and stopped over the past few days, especially after the fierce Superbowl Muppet commercials.  I’m taking up a challenge by Disney Donna Kay to blog today.  I don’t usually put disclaimers like this one …


February 2014

  My grandmother would have been [redacted] on the 11th (my nephew Mordie is turning 18 the same day), and she’ll have been gone ten years on the 12th.